Case Study: Rebranding Baldapalooza

An in-depth look at our latest rebranding project for Baldapalooza, a non-profit with an inspiring mission.

What is Baldapalooza?

Baldapalooza is a non-profit organization with a mission to raise funds to help Idaho's children fighting life-threatening illnesses, build awareness, and create a magical, memorable experience for the community. Baldapalooza is primarily known throughout the Treasure Valley as the only "family friendly" music festival, but their organization is so much more than that—and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next!

A Complete Rebranding

When Baldapalooza reached out to us, it was out of a desire to not only update their website, which was barely limping along, but to completely refresh their brand, including redesigning their logo, messaging, and more. They wanted their brand to appear more mature and professional, but still communicate an essence of childlike fun and delight.

With such a powerful message and mission, we were delighted at the opportunity to donate our expertise to benefit such an incredible organization.

A New, More Mature Logo

The first visual step of any rebranding is always centered around the logo. A company's logo is one of the most important tools in identity awareness. Because Baldapalooza already had a mission and vision statements for their organization, we needed to make sure that their new logo effortlessly portrayed these ideals.

Below you can see the "Before" and "After" of the logo redesign. It was important that the icon for the logo illustrate "family," and we chose to elevate the brand (and also increase legibility) with the use of a serif typeface for the written word "Baldapalooza." The color palette was carefully chosen. It needed to feel fresh and vibrant, but still clean and professional.

Fresh & Functional Website

Once the new logo concept had been approved, we were able to move forward with the design of the website. Again, the goal was to find a balance between professional and fun, implying the vitality of life and family through colors, but also carefully utilizing those colors in a clean and purposeful manner. Baldapalooza supplied us with ample high-resolution photographs, so we wanted to make sure to utilize that throughout the website, to not only capture the attention of the user, but to also evoke emotional responses in the proper places.

Although the foundation of the design and content was very structured, we utilized unique flourishes and patterns to help create the feeling of youthful fun. Also, to help with the structure, we set a clear typographical heierarchy for each page to follow. This not only will create a sense of unity during the browsing experience, but also help the user learn and adapt to the website more quickly.

In addition to the desktop view of the website, our team took extra care when making the website mobile-friendly to ensure that the integrity of the design was not lost, and that the website would function just as beautifully on a mobile device as on a computer.

Brand Unity on Social Media

Rebranding doesn't stop with a website and logo, when rebranding it's vital to consider the client's entire online presence—where they exist online, where they are active, where people are talking to them or talking about them, and so on.

Baldapalooza primarily uses Facebook and Twitter for their main source of social media activity, and both of those needed their logos and cover photos to be updated to reflect the new look and feel of their brand. We opted to design a cover photo that reflected their messaging surrounding the next music festival, coming summer of 2017. This felt like the most straightforward way to communicate exactly what Baldapalooza does, start building the hype, and serve as a reminder to stay tuned for more. Below you can see our cover photo treatments on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the updated logos on both accounts.



A Rewarding Conclusion

When revealing the finished website to the client, our team was greeted with excitement and smiles. We had breathed fresh life into their brand and they were so graciously grateful. We are honored to be one of the many amazing businesses sponsoring Baldapalooza, and hope that their audience enjoys their new look and feel. Although there will be more to come, the first steps of building their new, beautiful, and powerful brand are now underway and we couldn't be more excited for them.

If you haven't yet, go visit Baldapalooza. Read their inspiring history, tour the Hall of Heroes, and even leave a small donation!

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October 11, 2018


Case Studies


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