Facebook for Beginners: 6 Basic Actions

Facebook is a valuable tool for businesses, but we understand it can be overwhelming to try to learn. So, we put together a list of the basic actions to help get you started.

1. Managing

The first mistake a company makes with Facebook is not having a page. The second mistake is creating a page and then forgetting about it. Think of your Facebook page as the marketing child of your brand. Educate it with regular updates, feed it with fresh content and nurture it with ongoing interaction. Neglected pages rarely make friends.

2. Creating

Posting original thoughts, images, and videos is a great way to share your products, services, and your business culture with customers. Post updates about cool things your business is doing, improvements to products and services and announcements about new offerings.

3. Sharing

Read something entertaining, useful, funny? Share it with your fans! Keep in mind that business etiquette definitely applies with Facebook and if you wouldn't say it to a customer, it shouldn't be shared. If your customers or business affiliations post something of interest, share that too!

4. Socializing

Your Facebook page provides a catalyst for ongoing communication with your customers - so reach out, respond to, and “like" your customers! Even negative comments should be responded to (politely, of course.)

5. Offering

Although Facebook has strict regulations regarding promotions on their platform, your business page creates an awesome opportunity to share special events, offers, coupons, etc. Offering your fans something valuable is a great way to show appreciation for their loyalty to your company.

6. Attaining

While Facebook can be fun and entertaining, the end-game of creating a page for your business is to help your business grow, so set clear goals for yourself and your business. Facebook pages can help your business succeed, but it requires your invaluable management to do so. Schedule time to manage and update your business's page each week, follow these tips and CONNECT!

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September 13, 2018


Social Media


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